JomPaw Charities works closely with animal welfare in Malaysia

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The Problem

The Problem

Every day we pass them by.  They dodge cars, look for food in the garbage, battle malnutrition and sickness in silence.

Perhaps you can say that their story is the same as any indigent on the street.

But for this set of indigents, there is no government agency dedicated to their welfare (to give them low-cost medical care or provide them with a halfway home)

They don't vote, they can't speak and their "rights" are still not recognized by most members of society.

And yet their pain and suffering is as real as yours and mine.

Furry Friends Farm needs new cement flooring!

Furry Friends Farm needs new cement flooring!

Furry Friends Farm is a no-kill animal sanctuary for rescued, abandoned, abused and stray dogs and cats. Sabrina Yeap dedicated her life and started Furry Friends Farm since 2006 and today it is the home of 350 stray dogs and 150 stray cats and a goat. The shelter now needs some maintenance work on the cement flooring

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How can you help?

  • Help a Cause

    Join us in improving the lives of stray animals. You may donate or participate as a volunteer. Starting is easy!

  • Adopt a Pet

    Most of Malaysia's animal shelter homes are overpopulated. Consider adoption before buying a pet! 

  • Become our partner

    In order to keep the strays off the streets, we constantly need volunteers, veterinarians, donors and corporate sponsors.


Where does my donation go?

All proceeds will go directly to the respective bodies. JomPaw charities does not hold any of the proceeds at all time⁠⁠⁠⁠s.

How can I volunteer for JomPaw Charities?

Please check out our upcoming charity causes and sign up by filling up a simple form. You hear from us as soon as possible. 

How can I adopt a pet?

Contact us via email at and tell us more about yourself. 

What should I expect from the adoption process?

Most shelter homes have their own sets of rules and regulations for choosing their foster parents. 

You might be required to:
1. Be Interviewed personally and
2. Expect a home visit. 
3. Pay for medical fees before adoption. ie: vaccinations, spay/neuter 

How to become our partner?

First of all, thank you for expressing interest in our pet lovers charity platform. 

Please contact us if you are one of the following:
1. Pet Shelter Home in need of funding/adoption
2. Veterinarians who are willing to volunteer
3. Animal blood bank
4. Anyone like you and I who are interested to contribute and give love to the animal community